A Straight Up Lie

Recently I’ve unfollowed quite a few “so-called” entrepreneurs on various social media channels (excluding the genuine ones, like Gary Vaynerchuck. I mean you have to respect a man who drops the f-bomb 32 times in a keynote and then still gets invited back). Why? Because the lifestyle they are portraying is A STRAIGHT UP LIE. Last time I looked there were no money fights and private boats. There were no expensive suits, secluded beaches and men/women hanging on your arms. What I saw instead were taxes, deadlines, ten thousand emails, a multitudes of meetings and burning the midnight oil. Personally, I don’t know the experience of owning a private island (cheers to you Mr. Richard Branson), driving a Rolls Royce or popping bottles on the beach. Not that I think any of that matters anyway.

Let’s face it, contrary to popular belief, real-life entrepreneurship isn’t sexy.

It’s a constant state of trying to find balance between making ends meet, making people happy (family, clients, staff, co-founders, investors, the list goes on and on) and staying true to yourself. It’s a daily walk on a tightrope, without a net to fall into. But even though it may not be the Rockstar life that some portray, it’s not all doom and gloom either. Sure we may not be having money fights with our co-founders, but whatever we are building it — it’s ours. There’s something to be said for that. There’s something to be said for making a conscious decision to create something wholly our own. Sure things may not go as we planned (and most of the time they don’t) and we aren’t sitting on a beach somewhere, but that’s ok. If we start something with only the end in mind, we’re missing out on the real juicy part, the part with substance. If we aren’t believers in the journey, then it’s unlikely we’ll get the spoils. The real truth, in my opinion, is you never really “make it” anyway. There’s always going to be climbing to do. So get ready, and save the Cristal for someone else. We got work to do.

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Originally published at www.thelaunch.ca on August 13, 2015.