Is This Working?

If you follow our latest project in Launch12in12, EarthGrown, my partner (and resident health and wellness expert) Riley brought up a very important question in today’s daily video. It’s a question that, although very applicable to health and wellness, we should ask ourselves daily. The question is –

“Is this working?”

Far too often we fall into the trap of looking at others to define what we should be doing. We see the likes of Gary Vaynerchuck telling us to “always hustle”. We see other founders, creators and entrepreneurs around us working 24×7. So we do the same. We work tirelessly or our projects and businesses, uberfocused on making them a success. The problem? They’re not us. What works for them, works for them. But this may not be the same for us. Consistently trying to copy the successes of others not only will lead to frustration (and potential burnout) but will also lead to us losing sight of our vision and definition of success.

Why is this question important? Not only can it be used to help us decide simple things like whether to change up marketing or product offerings, but more importantly, it can help us measure what we are doing overall against our original objectives. If you’ve started your own thing with ideals like “I’m going to have more flexibility to spend time with my family” then working all day, every day doesn’t align with that vision. Without asking this simple question we can quickly go down a path that isn’t where we want to go. Running and growing a business is hard. It definitely takes hustle, drive and determination. It’s something that can consume every hour of our lives if we let it. But just because someone posts a picture on Instagram telling us to “hustle all the time and sleep when we are dead” doesn’t mean we should (unless, of course, that’s what we want to do). Besides, what’s the definition of hustle anyway? As the aforementioned Gary V. puts it –

“It’s putting all your effort into achieving your goal at hand.”

So every day, before you dive right in, make sure to ask yourself the most important question. If they answer is “no”, then decide how you are going to change it. What might work for others likely won’t work for you. So let them do their thing and focus on “doing you”.

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Originally published at on August 10, 2015.

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