A post Brexit vote rant

Rant warning:

At the time of writing there is a certain chaos and confusion in the UK. After voting to leave the European Union, people seem shocked and surprised. The money people are making fortunes and the pensioners are losing value on their pensions… Unethical business going on as usual. Politicians preparing to feather their nests… business as usual.

But just because I may have voted to remain doesn’t mean I need to be against those who voted, ‘leave’. A choice was made and now it’s time to work together and make the country strong for us and our children. Just because I may have voted, ‘leave’ does not mean I have to be against the ‘remainers’. A choice was made… you get the idea.

It is a shame that people waste their time and other people’s time with mind farts blaming ‘old people who won’t live to see the future’. Most of those old people have been working and contributing to this country for their whole lives. Some of them fought for this country. All of them had the right to vote and make their choices for whatever reason, or for no reason. That is how the system works.

So basically, shut the fu*k up and contribute to the welbeing of this country.

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