Excerpt 1: Living Resilience (in a crazy world)

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Does life make you smile, or sigh, or laugh and cry, or both? How do you make sense of that? More significantly, where in you, do you make sense of life from?

If ‘Life’ is to abstract for you, how about your work? Do you wake up on Monday mornings full of joy? Statistics on work related stress are not cheery reading…

The Good News — how to reduce suffering . What? Only reduce? What kind of book is this? The abridged version, the entry level version? I want the full deal, no more suffering forever!

Oh dear… The only way I know to achieve that is to become a Buddhist monk, and then it may take more than one lifetime!

That’s how life is and the good news is that we can learn to navigate the seas of reality without creating any more problems and become more resilient when time and tide, thought and feeling seem to be against us.

It’s not magic, it’s scientific application and work — heavens to Betsy! We actually have to do stuff in order to change! Who would have guessed it!

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