Monday… oh dear?

Is this you on a Monday? It was for me for too many years and it had started creeping earlier into Sunday.

Time for some truth.

Unless you win the lottery you are most probably going to have to bring to the marketplace some skill, or some product to sell.

That’s it. Leaving a soul crushingly boring employed job does not remove the need to pay bills. Life is uncomfortable at times. The question is, what are you ready to do with the discomfort?

Your life is, to an extent, the product of your choices (to what extent is a question for another time). Where do your choices come from? Well, asked and answered, your choices come from whatever state of mind you happen to be in. What occurs to you as a choice is embedded in your consciousness at the time.

In an ideal world it is nice to have the time and mental space to go for a walk, sip some good coffee and gently invite the Muse to speak. There are also times the Muse speaks through the cacophony of whatever personal pain we are going through. Insight doesn’t just come from beauty, it can also come from pain.

I have no idea what you will do with your Monday morning pain. For some it will be another day of quiet despair, or more commonly, noisy and complaining despair. I am speaking from personal experience. For some of you, it will be time to stop.

Just stop.

The bend just broke, and when it breaks it can’t go back to the way it was. Now it is time for something new. Now, unlooked for, if truth be told, you have a possibility. Let’s add a smidgen of structure to that possibility.

  • Take stock of where you are at financially. What can you do to reduce the number you need to keep afloat? What is the actual number you need when you take the ‘like but don’t need’ away? You will most probably find, as I did, you do not need to exactly replace your current income. You need to replace less, and so that is a step in the right direction.
  • Start an audit of what skills you have, what can you do that someone else is charging money for? Remember you don’t have to replace one income source with only one income source. Thus the pressure on any one income source is less.

Possibility suggests direction, structure takes the journey. You? Your job is to start where it makes sense to you to start!