Sleep troubles? Try this simple technique

Poor quality sleep is a problem that can lead to other problems:
Regular poor sleep puts you at risk of serious medical conditions, including obesity, heart disease and diabetes — and it shortens your life expectancy. (NHS)

So it makes sense to have a variety of ways to improve quality of sleep and procedures to follow when sleep eludes us from time to time.

Here is an integration of mindfulness and self hypnosis that you can learn easily whether you practice mindfulness and self hypnosis or not. I created this spontaneously when I was having trouble sleeping one night and found it helpful. If you try it, leave a comment in the comments section and let me know how it worked for you and if you needed any more information/instructions.

Step 1: Realise you are having touble getting to sleep and take time to lie still with the feelings you are aware of. Do not try to change anything, this is time to accept and notice whatever is happening in your body. Do not rush this stage, stop fighting and struggling and just be with whatever is present for you in your bodily sensations. Tune into tensions, scan your body without trying to make anything happen, accept whatever thoughts and feelings are present without getting lost in them.

Step 2: Tell yourself you are going to open your eyes and let them close again. Each time you open your eyes really imagine that it is getting harder to open your eyelids. As you open your eyes notice how it would feel for it to be a bit more of a struggle each time. Make this increasing effort your reality a few times until it just becomes too much effort to open your eyes.

Step 3: When it has become too much effort to open your eyes allow a feeling of relaxation and comfort to spread from your eyes all over your head and down your body. Rest comfortably and then breathe in a little more deeply and relax the body on the outbreath. breath normally allowing yourself to relax more deeply on each out breath.

Step 4: There is no step 4, I had gone to sleep by this time! May you have sweet dreams!

So let me know how it goes, if you are having problems with sleeping and want to explore using hypnotherapy and/or mindfulness more deeply then contact me and let me know.