The Great Film Production Renaissance: Are You Ready?

Richard Janes
13 min readMay 22, 2020
Pixomondo show how they made use of Virtual Production.

During times of struggle, the inevitable is often accelerated. Companies that were dying go bust, new ways of working, that were once seen as too disruptive to the established norm, or simply too expensive, are fully embraced in order to survive. Companies that innovate thrive and new voices find their place.

The Film Industry is one such industry that has just started a major metamorphosis. What will become known as ‘The Great Film Production Renaissance’, has begun. Make no mistake, it’s going to effect everyone.

I’ve spoken at length about changes that are afoot with distribution, exhibition, agents, producers, and audience ownership, which will each contribute to this renaissance. But today, it’s the crew and support vendors turn.

You didn’t think they’d be left untouched did you?

A New Way To Make Films & TV

Reduced crew sizes, minimal extras, reduced international travel, restricted contact with key personnel, are the key dictates that are being passed down by studios, networks, and insurance companies in an attempt to get productions back to work and minimize the risk of COVID-19 infections which could stall a production and inflict millions of dollars worth of damages to a production.

With these forced adjustments will come new norms and cost savings that will be hard to roll back when the all clear is given and a viable vaccination is available en masse.

Now before you roll your eyes or dismiss what I am about to say, know that all this is already in motion both from the biggest tent pole movies and TV shows (The Jungle Book, The Mandalorian etc.) through to the most innovative indie filmmakers working in a garage. Yes, it’s not gone main stream yet...

But all that’s about to change.

On May 13, 2020, Epic games announced their new Epic Games Unreal Engine 5 which will be released publicly later in the year. The Unreal engine allows game developers to create photo real visuals that are extraordinary.

With such rapid advancements from Unreal, as well as others in the VR space such as Unity, Blender, etc. its only a matter of time before it impacts film departments in every production around the…

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