Traveling during a Global Pandemic.

On July 30th 2020, I travelled from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada to Tokyo, Japan.

First of all, a huge Thank You to Air Canada for safely getting me to my destination. The staff did a great job with Health Screening Questions and pre-boarding temperature checks, making sure that everyone was safe and wearing a mask throughout the duration of the flight! Thanks to their CleanCare+ initiative.

Air Canada CleanCare+ package.

Upon arrival at Narita Airport outside of Tokyo, passengers with connecting international flights disembarked the plane first. Then shortly after, those of us arriving in Japan disembarked. We were escorted…

My Dad,

Bernard Lalonde was born on June 4th, 1955. He is number 10 of 17 kids. He is also a twin. I can’t imagine some of the challenges they faced growing up. I’ve only heard stories. They lived on a farm in the community of Makwa, Saskatchewan and then later moved to the small hamlet of Victoire, Saskatchewan where my Dad still lives today. At the age of 8 my Dad started working for his parents at their grocery and hardware store called The Victoire General Store. My Dad never did graduate high school and only has a grade 10 education…

— The first talk I gave at a Vector Marketing team meeting in May of 2006.

“Vector — A force of Influence. — A course of direction.

I like Vector because of all the wonderful people involved in this company. Without the people there would be no Vector. Without Vector I’m not sure where exactly I would be today. Vector has put a big influence on my life, I’m sure my parents have even noticed how much I have changed since I graduated from high school last year. The first time I wore a suit was at my high school…

Dear Kevin Smith,

I recently learned that you submitted a grant application to Creative Saskatchewan to help make your film Moose Jaws. Which is a fabulous idea and I’d love to see your film be made in the city of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.

The president of the Saskatchewan Media Production Industry Association, thinks a Kevin Smith film would be worthwhile to the local film industry.

“Here’s a story, set in Moose Jaw, that could actually be filmed in Moose Jaw and bring all of the economic investment and exposure that a major motion picture can bring to our province,” she…

Ever since my friend Chris Taylor introduced me to Gary Vaynerchuk through an interview he did with him about his book The Thank You Economy, I’ve been hooked. I read Crush It! and became a Vayniac and loyal member of the VaynerNation. I’ve since read all of Gary’s books and have really started to become a practitioner.

I want to make a short film about a young Gary Vaynerchuk, the kid entrepreneur, from the lemonade stands to baseball cards, being a D & F student, backyard football and his love for the New York Jets… The film will have a…

Grade 5 art class. We go in to the library, the TV was set up on the stand with the VHS player ready to go, the teacher slides the VHS in to the player, the lights go out and it goes quiet as the words start to scroll down the screen. STAR WARS. A movie made in 1977 felt so new to me in 1997. My teacher wanted to show us the costume design in the movie especially the scene in the bar. I was mesmerized as I watched for the first time. Each class after we got to watch…

— A note to self.

Trying to get a perspective on things.

17 hrs on a Greyhound Bus from Edmonton to Vancouver really gives you a lot of time to think. and think hard about things. Life, your future, how you can better yourself and change your situation.

In the month of August I applied for over 20 jobs with various companies all film and video related positions I’m all very well qualified for including 7 different positions @ GoPro camera’s. I was only interviewed for 1 position as a videographer with a company called VendAsta. I emailed the guy who interviewed me and I thanked him for not hiring me for…

Although it is going to be extremely hard and tempting not to watch. I don’t need to see an Official trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. I can wait until Dec. 18th 2015. I really dislike how trailers typically ruin the movie by putting the best scenes in the trailer.

88 seconds is enough, for now…

What are your thoughts? send me a tweet. @richardlalonde

under the cap.

At the begining of each month, I’ve been buying a Jones Soda. I’ve been doing so for the last 6 months to collect a fortune under each cap. I hold on to these fortunes as if I feel they speak to me in a way and have some sort of impact on my life, personally and professionally. I will continue to collect them for 1 whole year.

I’m Not sure how much meaning each one of these actually has…

January my fortune said, “Make use of contacts recently established” — I run a business so contacts are important.

February —“Luck…

a journal to myself.

In total I read 11 books in 2013. That’s 8 more than I read in 2012.

The biggest thing I learned in 2013 is that, “Your level of success will seldom exceed your level of personal development.” -Jim Rohn

2013 has been a year of learning and personal growth. And trust me, it was full of mistakes.

Here is a podcast I suggest tuning in to, by Hal Elrod.

I believe, that you can become good at anything if you do it long enough. …

Richard Lalonde

creative producer, filmmaker, entrepreneur @RichardLalonde I also sell Cutco!

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