Production techniques included within “the life of pablo” display yeezy’s proficiency with imagining narratives which bind emotional pulls to air tight bass roll’s. Disregarding any sort of media bias towards Kanye could be quite difficult while floating through miasmic Twitter conversations. Most of us have some sort of opinion on the man; whether high cultured or low, everyone has attended a great bad/alright/ kanye show at least once. Mastering the skillful art of negotiating our way into the corporate state requires a level of bravado that appears to be magnanimous. Kanye incorporates every one thus achieving magnamity, a return to gospel immediately Queues into futures smile filled morning. I’ve lived those months, glorious as they were and still are. The strings on freestyle elucidate unsettling crescendos. Building tension as you settled into the luxury of a sustainable world. Crisis and panic need not set in when we as a people live positive life styles. “lost and found out/lost and turned-your too wild” chilling words to anyone familiar with nightlife around the globe.

“you were the best of all time at the time though”

With Arthur Russel, kanyes playfulness naturally develops alongside the new York legends morose coffee filled swoon (typical of city residents as I currently experience.)

The lyrics from “feedback” are transparent in their urgency. Wake up nigga wake up!! it’s time to get this paper! echoing the ethos of the global buisness class amd the urgency felt with quarterly profit revenue expectations. Hope runs high from the rest of the globe could not have helped mister west with the process for sure.

Creepiness-as an aesthetic, not a detriment-also appears to make a comeback. On tracks such as “freestyle4" and “FML” with sparse minimalistic beats accentuating the emotional distress (some) black americans-myself included, feel with the string of failures known in our nations criminal justice system. Kanye’s political aspirations are currently revealed week by week-which should come as no surprise for anyone familiar with history-demagogic behavior regularly flows within the confines of the entertainment industry. Another possibility includes a basic observation of the creepiness which seems to run rampant in the world. I may be reaching with mist of my analysis, yet the lyrical breakdown supports pieces of my argument. On” wolves” the creep factor escalates-”impregnate your mind” is certainly invasive and we all know the feeling of being overlooked due to hesitation being mistaken as kindness. Yet it all comes together in a rather touching way with the final refrain delivered from franky ocean on a toy piano “life is pre ious, we found out”

Research shows it well; the glitz or the glam can’t lie at the heart of anyone’s motivation. My own personal sapiness is starting to formulate within this review, but family and bonds really do hold societies together. Throughout the entire album we can track the profound impact starting a family has on “the new Jackson 5" Anyone can drink/snort and preach nonsense to a snappy trap beat; this creating more incentive for people to engage, shop and love; which is why we perform. Being an adult thougj is a bit more of a difficult process; as we’ve seen in others music (myself included).

Final review


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