Quite the bizarre time period’s flash by. When one job ends another begins, one freelancer must ask themselves, what the hell is any of this for? Fresh from a two year stint of delivering food to app developers and finance execs, I’ve got to ask myself weather I truly am the brokest loser in town. A sort of Stockholm syndrome begins to take place in my mind whenever I occupy a space with individuals from any social strata. The boy who lied about having a game boy as a child to cover up inequalities found within his family now bloomed into a beautiful young man adapt at creating stunning new narratives with the stroke of a key. It felt impossible to learn anything of value while consistently applying my patented “customer service face” face yet it often retained a jovial internship vibe. Everyone’s in their forties and raising kids so don’t get too psychopathic yet also stay sharp and provide a quick intellectual snap. It was an easy job that provided me with plenty of entertaining moments to balance out any negative thoughts I might have. From asking old finance guys for advice on how to make it, to giving officers full permission to shoot me in front of Goldman Sachs allowing me a chance to give god a quick update on the united states.

All of these make for great stories and moments within my short life. I seldom see myself as insane, simply brave enough to go against every grain of advice people gave me. With a die hard attitude anything is possible right? Or maybe the facts are as follows; It’s really easy to manipulate people. I myself stand as a case point, also free booze will make anyone a delusion and there are unintended consequences to even the most banal of conversations. Luckily for me I’m loquacious and always ready to work. This may be the end of my time in the city. It’s just such a boring place and hopping from job to job left me with very little purpose and very little cash. Surprisingly I have no recollection of anyone I worked with; I never make things personal. Maybe this is the motivation I required to simply let the screen tell the tale. My humor and wit are infinite yet it can get me into trouble Sometimes. Reaching out to people is easier now than ever, working from home should prove to be a familiar joy; all of my best moments were experienced in privacy. I don’t think I’ll ever fully recognize how happy it makes me to work within a cognitive manner which I may use to fully develop my voice. Testing myself against the multitude of writers and scholars found within the world. My characters often switch between a whiny, pleading, sniveling protagonist; and an all encompassing nation breaking bully. Whether or not this paints to certain tropes found Within American culture (something I’m overwhelmingly ashamed of) remains unknown. My personal hypothesis revolves around testosterone and the indoctrination of gender roles many children go through growing up poor in the ghettos of america. Although I had quite a suburban youth, it only increased my desire to toughen up. First gen americans receive a rough upbringing all around painting my world view in manner that’s always been antagonistic to the mainstream even as it desperately desires my acceptance and I there’s.

In persona non grata we trust.

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