Sue Vincent’s email to Labour group announcing bid to return to Camden cabinet

Dear Colleagues

Hope you’ve all had good summers — I’ve just returned from Portugal and now, wading through emails, noticed with some disquiet it appears there are only all-male self-nominations being put forward for the Cabinet. As you know, we have enormous talents in the group from a wide range of people from different backgrounds, experience and expertise. It is really important that we are seen to reflect the broad array of people from our communities; that the process is inclusive — and that the process includes women! Is this Camden in the 21st Century?

I hope other women in the group will put themselves forward, please — even if you believe it may already be a done deal.

Meanwhile, this short email sets out very briefly why I will be self-nominating for the cabinet:

· I have been on the Executive previously, twice as Deputy Leader, as Cabinet member for community engagement, the environment and have been involved in planning and urban design for many years;

· these areas of interest demand a collaborative approach and define the way I work (also culminating in my contribution to The Design Companion for Planners and Placemakers published by RIBA this year);

· I raised two children, live in a council home, never went to university and I’m not male.

I will set out in a self-nomination form for you to read over the weekend. I will include my experience, expertise and how we can work collaboratively and collectively to best serve our many varied communities in Camden as we head towards the coming elections.



Deputy Editor, Camden New Journal, that paper where that story was lifted from.

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