Not ALL comics are children friendly

This is the Deaths of the X-Men, Do you think this is suitable for children? Is okay to expose children to killing and dying?

Animated shows tend to target children, but there is adult language and jokes that would be undetected by children. I never noticed them as a teenager, but watching them now as a adult, I realize it is quite common. It seems to be that DC Comics is meant for adults, and Marvel seems to target children. Furthermore, Marvel is now owned by Disney and Disney is, of course, meant for children. Everyone knows that Disney is a place that allows children to enjoy their youth, and let parents be children again.

The problem I have with comic books is that parents believe that all comic books, and any movie or any television show based on those comic books, are safe for children. This is not true. Not every comic book or show is safe for children. Some movies are rated R, which should be the telltale sign that it is inappropriate for minors. In fact, most comic books are meant to be rated R because of the adult content. But even if a movie is rated PG-13, it does not mean nothing bad will happen in the movie. However, corporations are involved and all they care about is profit. They need to target a wide audience, and the best way to make a movie, is to make a movie that is suited for everyone.

The best example I can think of is Deadpool. I was excited when this movie was coming out. I already read the Deadpool comic books, and they are clearly not for children. I was expecting the movie to be rated PG-13, but I was wrong. I was pretty excited when I found out that the movie was rated R. However, when I arrived at the theater, and stood in line to watch the movie, I noticed something was odd. There were parents, with children. I expected a few parents to bring their children, but there were way too many in line. I saw a few parents with at least four children. Most could not have been older than 5 or 6 years old. I know that Marvel is a icon, and Marvel has a reputation for movies that are suited for children. However, Deadpool is a rated R movie, and parents should expect that adult content would appear on the screen. Unfortunately, the parents underestimated Marvel’s movie ratings.

During the Deadpool movie, I silently laughed to myself because of the parent’s struggle. For example, when the sex scene appeared on the screen. Parents would frantically try to cover their children’s eyes to prevent them from being exposed to the sexual content on the big screen. The theater was filled, and every seat was taken. Some children were either 3 or 4 seats away from their parent’s reach. In addition, the scene was unexpected, and usually a sex scene would give hints that something would happen. Unfortunately, the sex scene came on with no warning, leaving parents scrambling to shield their kids.

The Deadpool movie is a prime example to demonstrate that not every comic book movie is suitable for children. Unfortunately, after the movie, parents were complaining that it was not made appropriate for children. I personally believe these people are not very bright. The movie clearly stated it was rated R, but parents still took their children to the movie, claiming that Marvel didn’t tell them it was not suitable for children. They expected the movie to be child-friendly. I don’t quite understand some people’s logic.

Captain America, Spiderman, Batman, and Iron Man movies are targeted toward children. However, violence, killing, and action is supposed to be adult content. Unfortunately, in America, all these qualities are acceptable. Killing and violence in movies is okay, but sexual content is taboo. It should be all or none, but that’s just my opinion. Nonetheless, people need to understand that not all comic books, movies, animated shows are not meant for children.

The animated movie called Killing Joke is going to be a great movie, which I also expect to have adult content. It probably won’t appear on the big screen though, and go straight to DVD. It should be rated R, but it will most likely be rated PG-13.

There is a tremendous amount of adult content in every comic book. Every comic book has some type of adult content, whether it is violence, killing, or sexual content. Some comic books have homosexual superheroes and villains. In addition, some comic books contain sexual assault or rape. Nonetheless, movies and television made by corporations will hide such information from the masses. They censor this content in order to be able to market to a wider audience.

Overall, my statement is: Not every comic book is suitable for children. People should do some research before they take their children to a movie, buy a comic book, or allow their children to watch a show. However, this is only my advice and my opinion. Parents have the right to do anything they want. They have the right to teach and show their children anything they please. Except, they should not complain after they make a critical decision. People should expect any consequences that would occur from making a decision. They should not complain if a movie is not suited for children, when the movie advised people that is not suitable for children. It would be like me buying chocolate ice cream, eat it, and then complain that it was not vanilla. Seriously? I would not be considered a bright person. I should sit in the corner and think about my life.

Here is a link. The link will reveal some parents’ thoughts after watching the Deadpool movie. Remember, the movie is rated R (sexual content and adult language).

Here is another link for the future Killing Joke movie.

Remember, parents! If you take your kids to see an R-rated movie, don’t blame the movie if they see inappropriate content. Or better yet, leave them at home with a babysitter.