The Hells of Being a Founder
Hampus Jakobsson

Good article with great points. You know there is something that make people want to become founders, and it’s not the illusion of becoming rich overnight. Those only chasing wealth, l would not put in the founder camp.

Founders have a passion to do whatever it is their business is. It maybe bringing the idea to life, meeting a need, proving themselves, meeting the challenge or others. But there is something that allows them to withstand all the flaming arrows that will come their way and the cheers of all those hoping they fail. It starts them off and keeps them going.

As a founder l find you need to touch that passion, protect and renew it. You need at least one person in your corner and that needs to be you.

And even though you may be spending every breathing moment making your business a reality, part of that routine has to be looking after yourself mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. For me that is Bikram yoga every morning, meditation 20 minutes twice a day, épée fencing and a good night's sleep. The time I invest in these activities are paid back multiple times in improved creativity, productivity and ability to deal well with everyone and everything.

I think being a founder is great and if you have the passion then go for it.

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