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Chatbots are their own platform. They have their own strengths and definite weaknesses. They are NOT simply another interface you need to adapt your product to.

One of the biggest weaknesses that chatbots have is their synchronous communications DNA. Unlike websites and apps where a user can traverse vertically or horizontally in their interaction with the platform, bots can only do one thing at a time and can only be done in a funnel type sequence.

More importantly, chatbot users can’t simply hit the back button to undo an action. Let me say this again, billions of years of back button behaviour does not exist in bot navigation, think of that very hard while you're building your bot. For the UX/UI gurus out there, I’m not just referring to the interaction pattern, but the actual underlying structure of the chatbot your building. …

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Privacy is not a sexy topic. It never was and never will be. It is however an important topic that needs to be clarified and attributed with the rise of new tech platforms.

It’s all too easy for bot builders to assume the general public ‘knows’ the privacy characteristics of our creations. However, for the past ten days since we launched Jimmie Chat, I’ve fielded more questions about privacy than anything else.

The biggest source of confusion is that bots live in messaging apps, where the majority of conversations are private between two people. …

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Today’s chatbots are tedious.

When the app store first launched, the earliest apps were nothing more than a cut down version of the sites they represented. Hell, even the ultra hip (and super successful) Facebook screwed up their first mobile app, but they learned quick and rebuilt.

Throughout human history, we always applied old operating methods at the inception of new platforms.

Apps back then were no exception, product managers and developers viewed them as nothing more than a mobile extension of their online presence. This started changing as startups without legacy brands started building mobile first, capitalising on inherent platform strengths to craft new user experiences. …


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