How we’re moving PCs into the fast lane

At Huawei, it’s our mission to deliver exciting experiences that allow people to truly immerse themselves in today’s mobile age. What a time to be alive! We are thrilled about the cutting-edge products we’ve delivered and the success we’ve achieved as a premium smartphone manufacturer. We also know that there is so much more we can do to move mobile technology forward and enhance the connected experience that today’s on-the-go consumers demand.

To that end, we’ve long known that the eye for detail and user experience that have helped us excel in the smartphone space were needed in other areas of consumer technology — especially as consumer expectations dictated a more holistic technology approach, fast tracking to ecosystems that give us access to all our information across a multitude of devices. The great innovators of the next decade and beyond will be the ones who offer a diverse spectrum of devices designed from the ground up that integrate with each other and work together — not in silos.

Earlier this week in Berlin, we entered this high-stakes market and introduced a trio of personal computers — the MateBook X, MateBook E, and MateBook D that speak to this vision — beautiful, powerful and high-end devices that showcase our innovations in the expanding smartphone sector. We know our users are constantly moving, and that they need a solution that offers a seamless experience at work, at home and anywhere in between.

By introducing our smartphone expertise to the PC realm, we at Huawei are working to truly reinvigorate the PC market with a complete mobile experience. The PC market has seen stagnant growth rates as smartphones have flourished. Even so, we know that the PC is far from obsolete — and finding success means these devices must adapt to the way people want to interact with their existing devices today.

Traditionally, PCs are far more unwieldy, fraught with feeble user experience and too often requiring troubleshooting to complete simple tasks. Compare this to the ease of using a premium smartphone … from the moment people unbox their Huawei smartphone, they’re ushered into a futuristic experience.

The device anticipates how people will want to use it: leveraging machine learning, the device puts the most commonly used features up front. This reflects care and precision in both hardware and software design. Over the past decade, consumers have come to appreciate and expect the device experience of a premium smartphone — a device that knows you and is connected to everything that matters.

That connectivity is key — whether it’s checking a calendar, editing a document, listening to a podcast or chatting with a friend, our smartphones have trained us to expect a flawless, consumer-first experience that puts all of this at our fingertips no matter where we are in the world. With the new series of MateBooks, Huawei is aiming to bring that coveted experience to PCs. Built on powerful, 7th generation Intel processors and with premium materials synonymous with Huawei, these are devices designed to conquer any task and look good while doing it. Features such as the Dolby Atmos Sound System and the secure touch fingerprint sensor bring high-end features to the PC category, enabling better entertainment and usability. The 2-in-1 design of the MateBook E offers an elegant solution that blends the productivity benefits of a PC with a keyboard, and the touch-driven familiarity of a Huawei smartphone.

We fully believe the PC has a place in the technology ecosystem but given a lack of innovation until now, it’s been left in the dust while smartphones and tablets have taken off. With the new MateBooks, we’re reinventing the mobile experience and turning the spotlight on PCs once again by applying the very principles and passion that helped us become a leading global smartphone brand. Our team is already hard at work on our next wave of devices, so expect more great things to come!