Patreon is Awesome, and here’s why.

Recently, especially within the youtube community, we have seen more and more creators turn to to fund a plethora of different projects, ranging from video game development to *ahem* adult cartoons. Most recently long time youtube personality Phillip DeFranco turned to Patreon to help fund his newly founded news network he wants to build for Youtube.

So what exactly is Patreon? It’s a crowdfunding site (think Kickstarter or Indiegogo) but instead of funding a single project, you pay a recurring monthly payment to support the creators you love, and I think that’s awesome. But with all positive opinions there are of course, negative ones as well. Daniel Keem has been a outspoken critic on of Patreon on his twitter, where he believes the platform takes advantage of the fans these creators are supposed to serve. He believes that a big chunk of creators on there make more then enough money to create their content, and its unfair to expect their fans to pay them for it. Its obvious when he’s making this statement, he’s talking mostly about youtube creators and how he feels the network is a different space, and has no room for paid content, mainly because it is Youtube. He doesn’t want to see a world where Youtubers big and small are pushing Patreons.


I support Kinda Funny, Kinda Funny Games, and SuperPintendo (an AWESOME enamel pin company you should check out) on Patreon. I admire and respect anyone doing good work, Patreon is an excellent way for me to show thanks for that incredible content. I don’t have to support them, I can watch all their content for free if I chose too, but I look at my Patreon subscription much like I look at Netflix or Hulu, why should I expect high quality content for free? There will always be a place for lower quality content, nor do all youtubers have to create patreon pages. Sure there will be an oversaturation of Patreon pages at some point, but nothing is forcing people to support these creators so naturally, at the end of the day, they could always cancel being a patron or not support them at all. This is what makes Patreon so rad, the people who are out there, hustling, making good content, are no longer being screwed over by low ad-revenues on youtube. With Patreon, making a career on youtube is more viable than ever for those with the drive and talent to make that happen. I see nothing wrong with creators asking for a little extra money, regardless of how much they already make, they work hard, and if I like their content that much, whats the difference between me using patreon to get episodes of Kinda Funny Gamescast Early, or paying $10 a month to watch all the Netflix originals I enjoy so much. I watch just as much Youtube as I watch traditional television, so why should I not pay these these creators for their content just like I pay other streaming services?

I genuinely see where people like Keem are coming from, but at the end of the day, I simply don’t agree that just because their content is on youtube, makes it any less deserving of my money.