Never Get Laid Off Again: The Key is Looking Busy!

The job numbers are anemic. The economy remains weak. Technology takes over more and more functions. Many managers looking for success have become painfully aware that sucking up alone just won’t do it anymore Could your job be the next to go?

Here at Universal Global International we have created an engaging program that will help you master the skills you need to climb the treacherous new corporate ladder. It’s called Looking Busy: Unleashing the Power of Virtual Performance.

You’ll never again get caught with your thumb up your butt when you’ve learned:
- How to resort spreadsheets in minutes into reports that you can claim took hours (plus 12 more techniques to make paperwork work for you);
- How to use the phrase “investigating the potential of Web 4.5" to cover up days of aimless Internet surfing (plus 24 more no-fail ways to delay deliveralbes);
- How power-walking the halls while tapping on your tablet makes people think you have somewhere important to go (plus 19 key components of looking busy body language—did you know that how you hold your smart phone can improve your perceived effort by up to 27% according to our exclusive research?)
- How to get yourself subscribed to as many electronic mailing lists as possible (once you get the knack of it, you’ll double — or even triple — the amount of time you spend just opening your email…)

Looking Busy brings you everything you need to start boosting your activity — and advancing your career — right away. First a short 90-minute video shows you how they look busy at leading companies in technology, manufacturing, publishing, and more. You’ll observe people who collect paychecks for years without actually doing anything. Then, using the Looking Busy Blueprint and Worksheets, you’ll pretend to work step-by-step through proven techniques to meet your own unique, personal, individual looking busy challenges right away!

Now you’ll be ready to put what you’ve learned to the test using the interactive case study on the Looking Busy web portal. You’ll be able to test-drive the techniques in a realistic, but no-risk, setting. And you’ll receive expert coaching from Professor Alijus Layback of the international consulting firm Seymour & Dooless throughout the process. To help you on your way, we’ve deliberately made registering on the portal cumbersome and time-consuming to guarantee that you’ll look engaged and intensely produtive as soon as you begin.

Put it all together and you can’t help but look busy.

The clock is ticking. Will you be reengineered out of a job today? Right-sized tomorrow? Eliminated by automation next week? Not if those above you think you are indispensable — and the first step to real job security is Looking Busy.

Act today—simply print and fax this offer (sure, it’s old fashioned but walking to and from the fax machine means you look busy) for a free 14-day trial of the Looking Busy Toolkit. After the trial, we’ll invoice you for just $895. Don’t worry, the invoice will read “Performance Enhancement Program for Managers” so you’ll get it approved in a snap!

We’re confident that the trial alone will help you look busier and convince you that looking busy is the key to your success and advancement. If you have aspirations — or simply a family to feed — don’t wait another minute to unleash your virtual performance potential. Order the Looking Busy Toolkit today!

P.S. This special free trial offer is being made only to individuals who have been reported to have too much time on their hands. Don’t delay — order immediately!

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