Dave Turin: Biography & Net Worth

David Turin, an American Businessman and a civil engineer is considered as one of the worthiest celebrities. He is a quarry as well as a mining expert and a member of Hoffman Crew. David is considered as one among the few crew members who has the idea of what he is doing. Per David, he is around 57 years.

David is a reality television personality appearing in the television series known as Gold Rush. He also has a very successful rock quarry family business going on with add up to put his net worth where it is today. Sources have estimated David Turin’s net worth to be around $2 million. Most of this has been earned through the success of his mining endeavors and the show “Gold Rush”, of whom he has been a permanent full time crew after leaving his family quarry business. As David continues, His worth is expected to rise even more.

David Turin was born in sandy Oregon USA on 21st April,1959. David graduated as a civil engineer. Turin started his high school as a football player and a star athlete. Continuing this trend into college he decided to complete his civil engineering degree. After his graduation, he joined his family quarry business with his father and three brothers. He managed to run his business successfully for about 25 years. This success laid the foundation to become the consultant Porcupine gold mining claim. Todd Hoffman Consulted his in his first season of Gold Rush regarding the mess-up at Jim-Nail Placer Mine. Looking on this potential opportunity, he decided to join the crew full time. As Turin has a very little expertise in mining, he is very experienced in terms of moving around and keeping miners safe. He is also good with operating construction equipment’s, mostly working with the Hoffman. After a failure in Guyana, he did join the Dodge Brothers but went back to Hoffman in a short time. David helped Hoffman secure a large sum of Gold in their fifth and sixth seasons. All this added up to the highest net worth of David. At the end of the seventh season, he had a fist-fight with Trey Poulson, and resigned at the age of 57. In context of his personal life, David is Happily married to his High school sweetheart, Shelly who is a nurse. They have three Children and two grandchildren.

In the First season, David did not mine with the group but instead worked in his family quarry. However, he was brought in on some occasions by Hoffman for consultancy. David joined as a full-time miner in the season of Gold Rush Alaska at Quartz-Creek Claim. During the 3rd season, he ran the 2nd claim with Greg Remsberg and Chris Doumitt for the Hoffman crew at Indian River Claims. During the 4th season, he supervised the crew for Gold mining efforts at the Q.O.D Claims and then started to work with the Dodge Crew bur to frustration because of lack of success in the 5th season. With them, he worked at Carmacks Claims working on wages same as with the Hoffman. As an incentive to rejoin the Hoffman crew at the McKinnon-Creek Claims, Dave asked for a 50 % ownership stake, of which Todd accepted provided he raises half a million dollars as buy-in. David mined in the sixth season for the Hoffman crew and in the seventh season, he run the Buckland claim. Failing to find Gold, he left Hoffman and came back in the end at Fairplay Claims and runs the Sacramento Creek Claim.