David Letterman Biography & Net Worth

David Michael Letterman, also known as Earl Hofert, Dave, The Big Man and Dave Letterman, is a famous American actor, announcer, talk show host, voice actor, film and TV producer, presenter and comedian who has estimated net worth as amazingly high as $400 million. He is the host of a famous night show “Late Show with David Letterman” which was aired on CBS. Furthermore, Letterman has been ranked at number 45 on the list of the greatest TV stars of all the time, so there is no doubt about the amazingly high net worth which D. Letterman was able to build up.

David Michael Letterman was born on April 12, 1947, in Indianapolis, Indiana state, U. S. He was raised in a family of florist and church secretary, so he is the personality who made all is way to the fame all by himself. At the young age David was interested in collecting racing car models and actually didn’t even think about becoming an actor. He didn’t even know what he does want to do with his own life after graduating from the college. However, he made his great performance on TV in his own show and that was the great way to become popular among the viewers of all ages. To better understand how rich is David Letterman, we should take a look and pay attention to all his earnings which are really huge. David’s net worth was increased just amazingly high when he started to receive more than $20 million every year and it became his annual salary. For example, for “The Late Show With David Letterman” Dave received 31 500 000 dollars, and that is one more answer to the question why David Letterman’s net worth is so big. Talking about personal life of David Letterman, he was married to his first wife Michelle Cook for almost 8 years, but then the couple separated and announced about their official divorce. The next woman in Letterman’s life was Regina Lasko. The couple started to date in year 1986, but anyways, they married only in 2009. Before marriage they already have had a son named Harry J. Letterman, who was born in November 2003.

Of course, except the best known show, which helped to increase Leterman’s net worth, he made many other notable appearances on TV. For example, Dave played Matt Morgan in the move “Fast Friends”, also had an ability to play himself in the “Eddie” and has acted in some other roles too, but anyways, the main source of great earnings and amazingly high net worth for D. Letterman is his show. But he is also known for the roles in “Night of Too Many Stars: An Overbooked Event for Autism Education”, “Totally Bil Hicks”, “Entertainment Tonighs”, “TV One’s Roast and Toast: John Witherspoon” and many others. So now you know why the net worth estimated by D. Letterman is so big. D. Letterman is also a person who sometimes makes big political donations. In year 2008 Letterman twice donated 2,300 dollars for Al Franken for Senate and repeated this procedure in year 2014.