Side Hustle Summary — January 18

What’s longer; the January we just had or the previous century, it’s a tough question, right?

The start of the year provided plenty opportunity to add to my income. Let’s see where the money came in from.

Side Hustle Summary for January 17



Side job


Job Spotter App*


Google rewards**


Cashback (Quidco & Halifax reward card)








Another result above 1k! Although slightly down on Decembers result.

There’s a bit of luck involved here as there was plenty of work available in the side job which isn’t always the case. Cant complain, just have to take the smooth with the rough.

It was a good month for the Job Spotter app, £10.67 is pretty good for simply taking a few pictures. I’ll admit, it’s a bit awkward when people are looking at me as I take pictures of the ‘help wanted poster’ & the company signage. But it’s literally just a few seconds & I’m gone!

I had 2 car park audits for Task360 which took a few minutes to complete. Easy money for sure.

No sales this month! I kept it in there as seeing the £0.00 figure will motivate me to get selling. There’s nothing stopping me, right?

So there’s January in the bag, a strong start to the year. Did you do any hustling this January? Let me know how it went below!

Until next time, Happy Hustling!