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We are proud to announce the launch of T-Mobile Ventures and our ongoing work with T-Mobile to help manage the fund. Below you can read the official press release, which is also published here. For additional information, check out this article from Jeremy Horwitz at VentureBeat.

-Rich Grant

What’s the news

T-Mobile Ventures is a new multi-year investment fund designed to fuel 5G innovation by backing early and emerging growth companies developing transformative 5G products and services for the T-Mobile network.

Why it matters

With the first and only nationwide Standalone 5G network and a multi-band 5G strategy, now is the time for entrepreneurs and developers to build the applications and services that will unleash T-Mobile’s 5G network. …

Considerations for starting corporate VC programs

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Co-authored by Ian Goldstein (Fenwick & West), Rich Grant (Touchdown Ventures) and Gus Warren (Samsung NEXT)

Earlier this year, we organized and led a workshop at the Global Corporate Venturing & Innovation Summit in Monterey, California to discuss best practices for starting and running a corporate venture capital (“CVC”) program. …


Rich Grant

Founder/VC @ Touchdown Ventures; proud alumnus of Wharton, UCSB, Comcast, Sony Pics & Lehman Bros. Huge Angels, Eagles & Lakers fan.

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