Within the next 20mins, I will head over to my next class, Chemistry. But for now, I’m crowded by 30 some high schoolers in the band room, most of which are either clowning around on the xylophone or playing the piano. It’s the day before our Pops Concert, the most important performance of the year, especially since it’s Mr. Steven’s last year. He’s been the band director at Monument for the past 34 years and his retirement has prompted much debate for wether the music program would continue. The budget cuts might permanently discontinue the program all together! Luckily, the committee will have a meeting tonight to decide what the budget would be for the music program at MMRHS. I cannot see why people would take away the arts from students, especially since the Berkshires is a hub for some of the most amazing forms of arts, ranging from Tanglewood to the Norman Rockwell Museum. It pisses me off to have to deal with all this unnecessary tension and to worry about wether the band will continue. Especially the jazz band. The answer should inevitably be a big YES for continuing the arts program. But I guess money has the last word. That or either some people don’t see things eye to eye in how the arts are just as important if not more than standard courses.

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