Thanks for your viewpoint Ricardo Bustamante Echeve.
Samuel Tait

I found your ideas very realistic. You see, from experience, I firmly believe agencies wont die but they will change, for sure, and it will hit hard the big ones more than the middle and little ones; old cultures, old habits, are more difficult to change. At least in Colombia, where am from, you can see tendencies in that regard. I believe it’s gonna be a thing of globalization of the localization; little agencies going at it with big agencies. The emergent markets are placed in little cities, where culturally entrepeneurship is easier, where quality life its better, where creativity comes easy. And, in the same way will change the arrangements of the creative departments. In little cities everyone knows eachother, their businesses and their consumers, and that’s what clients are rooting for: partners in business. People who travel togetter the intrincated route of selling stuff.