ASB President Speech

Good morning everyone, my name is Paul-Jericho but most of you guys know me as Richo. Ever since I’ve came to Kennedy, I’ve always admired the Lancer Community. I’ve always admired the people that was there for me when I needed help. And given this opportunity to run for ASB President, this is my chance to give back to you guys. I promise I will try to fix any problems and just be a friend in need. Maybe fix how if you arrive ten minutes early, the parking lot is full. Fix the doors on the bathroom stalls. Add more activities and retreats for we as a community have more chances out of school to come together. I will encourage everyone to be more involved in more school activities to make a greater place to be. I will strive to continue to make improvements to this school for every student here. Thank you, and vote me for ASB President.

I would like to thank my friend, Andrew Nguyen for making this poster for my High-School ASB Presidential Campaign. I would also like to shoutout Emily McCathren for being a supportive girlfriend on this journey til’ this day.

May 1,2017