New Year’s Resolutions for Baseball Fans

Play catch. Yep, it’s that simple. Two gloves, one ball. If you can, play catch with your son, daughter, niece or nephew.

I go to almost ten games a year, but going with the ones you love are the best games.

Attend a Major League, Minor League and amateur baseball game. Note that I said attend not ‘go to’. Be a part of the game. Get there early, stand for the anthem, eat a hot dog, drink a beer and sing ‘Take Me Out to the Ballgame’ during the seventh inning stretch. You don’t have to stay all nine, I am not a masochist but if your team is down by two in the eighth, show some faith.

Keep score. Show someone how to keep score. Even if it is your girlfriend. When you get home, put that score sheet on the fridge. Be proud of it.

My favorite card ever

Buy baseball cards. A pack or even an old card that brings back the memories of the game you learned to love as a kid. And of course always open a pack of baseball cards on Opening Day.

Cast an All Star Game ballot. I know it is not as fun as the paper punch outs, but the digital ballots are a great way for you to learn a lot more about other players in the league. Your vote is a gift, accept it graciously by using it.

Watch the World Series or the League Championship series. I know the hours suck and we would rather watch day games. But this is the best baseball you will see.

Jurak signed autographs for fans before every game at Fenway Park

Be a fan of your home team, not your fantasy team. Remember guys like Ed Jurak and Merv Rettenmund because they made the game better not because you had a better day at Draft Kings.