Here’s Why Latinos Are Supporting Rick For Vice Chair

A Message from members of the DNC Hispanic Caucus

We face an important vote this weekend in Atlanta. And, as members of the DNC Hispanic Caucus, we would urge you to support Rick Palacio for DNC Vice Chair.

Rick is the only male Hispanic member running for Vice Chair. He is also the state party chair in Colorado, a Western battleground state with a large Latino population that went blue in 2016 and 2012, expanded its state House majority, and elected a Latina Speaker of the House.

Rick knows the importance of fighting for our Latino brothers and sisters. He knows that we are the party that believes in building bridges, not walls, and he has been and will continue to stand up for our communities. Now more than ever, we need leadership at the DNC who can effectively resist and push back against Donald’s Trump’s anti-Latino and anti-immigrant rhetoric and policies.

As DNC Vice Chair, Rick will work hard to elect officials who are committed to passing comprehensive immigration reform, expanding access to affordable healthcare, and fighting for the working and middle class.

To win elections, Rick knows that we need to work with grassroots leaders and activists in every community. He also understands that we need to recruit, train and run new and young talent, including Latinas and Latinos, that represent the diverse face of America. This is what he has done in Colorado, and this is what we know he will be bring to the DNC.


John Perez, Former Assembly Speaker and DNC Member, California

Raymond Sanchez, Former New Mexico House Speaker and DNC Member, New Mexico

Iris Martinez, DNC Hispanic Caucus Chair, Illinois

Andres Ramirez, DNC Hispanic Caucus Vice Chair, Nevada

Teresa Garcia-Krusor, DNC Hispanic Caucus Midwestern States Chair, Kansas

Gilberto Hinojosa, State Party Chair, Texas

Beverly Benavidez Ryken, State Party Vice Chair, Colorado

Alexandra Gallardo Rocker, State Party Vice Chair, California

Blanca Uzeta O’Leary, DNC Member, Colorado

Celina Vasquez, DNC Member, Texas

Steven K. Alari, DNC Member, California

Joni Gutierrez, DNC Member, New Mexico

Luis Heredia, DNC Member, Arizona