We need a party that competes in all 50 states.

From former Mayor of Denver & Former DNC Vice Chair Wellington Webb

As we look ahead to the future of our party, and to the elections for officers at the Democratic National Committee this weekend, I would implore you — we as Democrats cannot afford to leave out the west.

We need a party that campaigns and competes in all 50 states, not just in 20.

The west represents a tremendous opportunity for our party to attract new voters. We need to expand our small-town strategy to speak to rural America. We need narrative training programs to ensure county parties, initiatives, and umbrella organizations have the tools needed to push a strong message that will engage, inspire, and motivate more Americans to support Democratic candidates.

I will tell you, as a Westerner, our values are plain. When you give your word, you keep it. When you get knocked down you brush yourself off, get up and then keep on working.

We don’t have pedigrees or entitlement. We have a pioneer work ethic.

Western grassroots leadership from outside the Beltway would serve us well. I would know — I have been a Democratic committee member and a District Captain. As a young adult, I directed the Carter Campaign for Colorado in 1976. For the 1980 Carter re-election campaign, I was the Deputy Campaign Director for Illinois. Three times I was elected as a Colorado State Representative. In 1987, I was elected Denver city auditor. And I served three terms as mayor of Denver with no city manager. I know winning grassroots leadership when I see it.

And I believe the only candidate for DNC Vice Chair who can be that voice for the entire country — not just the coasts, but for every state in between — is Rick Palacio, the Chair of the Colorado Democratic Party.

Rick knows how to organize at the grassroots level, and his leadership in Colorado has led to tremendous success for our party here. Rick understands that the party must have a message that resonates with our base in urban areas like Denver, but that we also must have a message that relates to rural America, like the Western Slope of Colorado.

I see the values of the West in Rick. I see the work ethic of the West in Rick. I see the experience of a Western grassroots leader in Rick. And I believe he will bring those Western values, leadership, and work ethic to the DNC and usher in a new generation of winning.

Wellington Webb
Former Mayor of Denver and Former DNC Vice Chair