Why I’m running for DNC Vice Chair

I’m a proud Democrat, and Colorado is my home. And it’s been my family’s home for six generations.
My great-grandfather spent his life as a coal miner, and he risked his life so that Colorado coal miners could have a union — so that they could make their voice heard for safety, for fair pay, and for dignity.
Both of my grandfathers spent their lives as coal miners. They were proud members of the United Mine worker’s union that my great-grandfather helped to build. My father was also a union steelworker.
They worked their hands to the bone — not for themselves, but for their family.
They taught me when working people stand up for one another — whether they pour our steel, pick our crops, or teach our children to read — nothing can stand in their way.

I’m running because Democrats have always stood strong in the face of people who would rather pull working men and women apart, than see them stand together.
We need leaders who will stand in the face of Donald Trump and the billionaires club that he calls a cabinet.
Trump has shown us in his first week that he doesn’t plan to moderate his dangerous policies at all. Today, he signed an executive order to build his border wall and further his campaign promise to create a “deportation force” that will rip families apart. Yesterday, he continued his bogus claim that millions of undocumented immigrants voted in this past election. He continues to talk about repealing the Affordable Care Act, without any Republican plan for a replacement.
We cannot afford to back down, not even for a single moment.
As the first Latino and openly gay Chair of the Colorado Democratic Party, I have had great success mobilizing and re-energizing Democratic voters in Colorado through building a party that is inclusive and where decisions are driven at the local level. Working with activists and grassroots leaders across the state, we recruited, we trained, we organized, we had a message, and we won.
We rise together when we listen to one another, when all voices are heard, and we appreciate that the great diversity of our party is what makes us stronger. This is the type of thinking I want to bring to the DNC as Vice-Chair.
I’m ready to stand for you, and I’m ready to stand with you. Because I know that when we do, nothing can stand in our way.
I’d love to chat more. email me at rick@rickpalacio.com

To learn more about me and my plan to move our Democratic Party forward, please visit my website www.rickpalacio.com.