New ‘Doctor Who’ Time Lord is a woman

Doctor Who’s 13th Time Lord will be played by Jodie Whittaker, a female actress. All the earlier lead characters of the long running science fiction series have been played by male actors.

I don’t really have a strong feeling about making the Doctor a woman. I’m been on a break from Doctor Who ever since Matt Smith left the series. Peter Capaldi, the actor who replaced Matt Smith, never much appealed to me. It seemed like a good time to take a break from the Whovian Universe.

Now that it’s established Time Lords can regenerate as male or female, why have all the other Doctors been male? Maybe they’re address this on the show.

The nice thing about Doctor Who and the regeneration gimmick is that they can always re-cast the title role if things don’t work out. Doctor Who is science fiction. One of the benefits of science fiction as a story telling device is it allows perceived boundaries to be pushed and concepts to be turned on their collective heads.

If it turns out Joe Whittaker doesn’t cut it as the Doctor, they can always replace her. They could even replace her with another woman.

Originally published at Bent Corner.