Stay away from GoDaddy managed WordPress hosting

When I realized I needed to move my website from Site5, I decided to give GoDaddy a try. I wanted to try GoDaddy managed WordPress hosting.

The idea of managed hosting appealed to me. GoDaddy would automatically take care of all WordPress updates and they promised to back up the site on a daily basis.

As it turns out, their managed WordPress hosting product is terrible. They’re awful at managing WordPress. What’s even worse is they won’t allow me to manage WordPress either.

When WordPress rolled out version 4.7, my blog was running WordPress version 4.61 for two weeks. With a GoDaddy managed Wordpress account, GoDaddy removes the ability to run updates to WordPress. You have to wait for their WordPress experts to decide if the update is “safe and stable” before they allow the update to go through.

Yesterday WordPress released a security update, version 4.71. It addresses eight (8) security issues. WordPress strongly encourages users to update their sites immediately.

GoDaddy, If you will not update WordPress, at least remove the annoying error message.

GoDaddy will not update my blog’s version of WordPress. What this means is that my blog is susceptible to these eight security issues until GoDaddy gets around to running the update.

Realizing that if my blog was hosted using GoDaddy’s cPanel hosting, I could immediately update WordPress to version 4.71. I contacted GoDaddy support via chat requesting they switch my account from managed WordPress to cPanel hosting. I was told they couldn’t do that. If I wanted to switch from managed WordPress hosting to cPanel hosting, I would need to purchase a new hosting plan.

This is insane. GoDaddy is failing to properly manage my blog’s WordPress installation. If I want to take over and maintain my blog’s WordPress installation, it’s going to cost me extra.

GoDaddy is web hosting Hell. Hosting providers like GoDaddy are why Squarespace is becoming so popular. With WordPress, you have to deal with a hosting provider that may or may not be up to snuff. GoDaddy’s managed WordPress hosting is not up to snuff. With Squarespace, all hosting is performed by Squarespace. Users aren’t required to sift through a neverending list of hosting providers and decide which one will suck less than the others.