Michigan is now seven for seven in completing balanced budgets on time and ahead of schedule. The FY 2018 budget puts Michigan on a fiscally responsible, long-term path toward our future.

“I am proud to say we can again celebrate our success in getting the budget signed well ahead of the new fiscal year,” Snyder said. “With significant investments in healthcare, education, public safety, infrastructure, natural resources, and our economy, this budget maintains our long-standing commitment to fiscal responsibility while making critical investments that will continue moving Michigan forward.”

Read below to see how FY 18 invests in healthcare, education, public safety, infrastructure, natural resources, and our economy:

· Since 2011, we’ve increased the K-12 appropriations to $1.9 billion, ensuring accountable and quality education for our kids.

· FY 18 provides additional investment in the Michigan State Police with another trooper recruit school aimed at producing 150 new troopers.

· In addition, this budget provides additional ongoing funding in the areas of cyber security and homeland security.

· FY 18 includes a $35 million deposit into the Michigan Infrastructure Fund.

· The budget provides funding for the continuance of the Healthy Michigan program with over $4.1 billion, primarily in federal funds.

· FY 18 provides $115.5 million for business attraction and community revitalization. The budget also recommends a one-time allocation for talent marketing in the amount of $5 million dollars to support Michigan employers in attracting the talent they need to grow and sustain their businesses, with a focus on attracting out-of-state talent to Michigan.

· To assist with our natural resources, this budget provides funding for the hiring, training, and outfitting of additional conservation officers. This also includes 10 detectives or specialists and two additional support staff.

· To expand food and agriculture investments that will attract new, mid-sized food and agriculture processing companies looking to expand to total areas throughout the state, $4.7 million is provided in this budget.

· Another $48 million is provided for the continued recovery of Flint, bringing the total invested since the start of the water crisis to nearly $300 million.

· To help Michigan’s fiscal position, the state has been setting aside money in its rainy day fund. When Gov. Snyder took office, the rainy day fund balance had been depleted to just $2 million. The 2018 budget makes a new deposit of $150 million to help ensure that we are prepared for the future, bringing the total balance in the rainy day fund in FY 2018 to $886 million.

Earlier this year, Gov. Snyder’s 21st Century Education Commission finalized their report. We included the following 10 recommendations in the FY 18 budget:

· Providing additional resources for disadvantaged students

· Updated funding model

· Increasing access to postsecondary education

· Increasing the attainment of 21st Century skills

· Moving toward a competency-based learning model

· Connecting human services to schools

· Improving data reporting

· Hold the right people accountable

· Enhancing early learning outcome measurements and tracking

· Support for all students with counselors skilled in career guidance and postsecondary success tracking

Stay tuned for upcoming videos about what FY 18 means for Michigan families. Join the conversation online using the hashtag #7For7.

For additional information about Michigan’s comeback, please visit www.mi.gov/Snyder

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