A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats

August 31, 2016

By Josh Paciorek

Governor Rick Snyder recently continued his tour to Michigan’s ten communities involved with the Rising Tide Program, visiting Sandusky, MI in Michigan’s thumb region.

Rising Tide is a program that helps local communities with their economic development efforts to try to maximize opportunities to attract business investment and talent. Working with Michigan’s Department of Talent and Economic Development, the 10 pilot communities are supplied with the tools needed to implement a successful economic framework. Since September 2015, Rising Tide teams have worked with community leaders to learn their background, history, and future goals and look for opportunities for growth.

“Since 2010, more than 475,000 private sector jobs have been created in Michigan, and our unemployment rate is now at its lowest point in 15 years,” the Governor said. “We are the Comeback State. We’re moving in the right direction. But it’s important that smaller communities have the same opportunity to reinvent themselves, and that’s why we launched the Rising Tide program.”

In Sandusky, community and business leaders shared both their recent successes and the challenges still facing the city.

Since 2011, 28 new businesses have opened in Sandusky, and there have been another 18 expansions or remodels. The city was founded in 1889 and has a low crime rate, clean streets, and safe neighborhoods. Lake Huron is also only 15 minutes away.

Moving forward, the city wants to focus on community marketing and branding, homeownership and talent attraction, and downtown place making.

“These are the kind of discussions and dialogues that need to be happening across the state in communities of all sizes,” Snyder said. “I’m encouraged by the progress Sandusky is making, and I look forward to the state’s continued partnership to help the community grow.”