Budgeting for a safer Michigan

By Jenna Tidey

Ensuring the safety and security of Michiganders has­­­ been and always will be one of Gov. Rick Snyder’s most important priorities. During the Governor’s budget proposal on Wednesday, Feb. 8, he recommended investing even more money to increase Michigan’s safety.

To accomplish his goal of creating a safer Michigan, Gov. Snyder proposed money for trooper recruit schools. This investment will go toward adding 100 more Michigan State Police troopers to the current force. The addition of the troopers will increase the number of enlisted Michigan State Police personnel to its highest level in more than 15 years.

The Governor’s law enforcement plans include a total investment of $9.2 million throughout the year. His budget also suggests $2.6 million to support and expand the department’s forensic sciences capacity. Forensic science plays a critical role for both law enforcement and prosecutors when working to track down perpetrators and deliver justice for victims. Gov. Snyder also recommends $1.5 million to support police equipment replacements, such as in-car camera systems, ballistic vests, and other equipment.

Maintaining Michigan’s cyber security is also an essential investment. Gov. Snyder recommends a spending of $1.5 million to expand the department’s capacity to prevent, detect, and investigate cyber-crimes.

For students, Gov. Snyder has a plan to make campuses safer. He is recommending $600,000 toward campus sexual assault prevention grants, a program led by First Lady Sue Snyder. The goal for this investment is to support awareness, prevention, reporting, and bystander intervention programs to fight sexual assault on campuses in Michigan.

Michiganders deserve strong communities where jobs can be created, and families can live, work, and play. Gov. Snyder is continuing his efforts to build safer neighborhoods, cleaner environments, and job-friendly communities in Michigan.