Farmers helping farmers

By: Ryan Burklow

Time and time again, Gov. Rick Snyder has brought up the fact that our state is at its best when Michiganders come together to help and support each other in times of crisis. Michigan’s agricultural community has taken it one step farther.

During the past month, fires have raged in the Great Plains region of the United States causing a great deal of damage. In addition to claiming at least seven lives, the fires also destroyed much of the farmland that is so important to the region’s economy.

After hearing about the fires that affected America’s Great Plains region, the Michigan farming community came together to help the farmers of that region recover from the wildfires.

“When we learned about the tragedy that happened out west, we decided we had to do something, we have to help our fellow farmers and ranchers,” said Clare, Michigan native Dick Kleinhardt. “What happened out there was absolutely devastating, with over 2 million acres burned, we had to do our part and step up.”

In terms of stepping up, these Michigan farmers have shown exactly how strong the state’s agricultural community is. Having left from the Transfleet Truck Garage in Morrice, Michigan, a convoy carrying critically important agricultural goods like hay, milk replacer, animal feed and fencing supplies, is heading down to Ashland, Kansas. Once the products arrive in Kansas, they will be distributed to different farmers based on their individual needs.

These amazing Michiganders have really stepped up and showed not just what it means to be a farmer, but what it means to be a Michigan farmer.

To learn more about these incredible people, stay tuned as they will be the subject of March’s “26 for 26: Great Michiganders” video.

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