Gov. Rick Snyder: Committed to Michigan’s Agriculture and Natural Resources

By Jordan Kennedy

If you’ve ever spent a weekend “Up North” or had a piece of cherry pie from Traverse City, you’ve experienced Michigan’s robust food and agriculture industry and our one-of-a-kind natural resources.

Since 2011, Gov. Snyder has proposed smart, balanced budgets that make bold investments in areas that will help align Michigan for many more years of success and economic vitality. Tourism and agriculture are of two of Michigan’s largest industries, and making investments now to ensure long-term growth and sustainability is a top priority for Gov. Snyder.

In an effort to enhance Michigan for the future, Gov. Snyder has recommended numerous investments to support the state’s agriculture industry and natural resources:

• A $1.8 million investment to hire additional conservation officers.

• An investment of $19.5 million for state parks special maintenance.

• A $5 million investment for the Department of Natural Resources’ Enhanced Challenge for Trail Development.

• An increase of $3.8 million to assist the Wetland Mitigation Banking Program.

• A total of $3 million for agriculture development industry enhancement.

These investments continue to put Michigan on the right path toward a better and brighter future for generations of Michiganders to come.