Governor continues his Rising Tide tour in Grayling

September 20, 2016

By Gabby Abel

Governor Rick Snyder recently visited with local leaders and community members in Grayling, MI as he continued his Rising Tide tour. This trip was the seventh of 10 stops to a Rising Tide community this year. These visits aim to collaborate and help establish long-term, sustainable changes for the community to bring about economic prosperity.

The Rising Tide Program works with communities to create action plans that will lay the foundation for economic development in the city. Grayling is one of 10 pilot communities that are taking part in this program and the city has taken positive steps to creating a better future.

During a roundtable discussion with community members, Grayling leaders spoke to the Governor about innovative steps they are taking to gather information about their community.

The Governor also heard from a special stakeholder group — the Grayling Elementary School Little Vikes. This unusual group was created for the purpose of discovering what the future of Grayling liked and disliked about their city. These children will grow up in this town and leaders wanted to understand how they wanted their city to grow and in what ways. Among their pressing concerns, the students asked for playground equipment that doesn’t get hot, a new water park, the use of a new community center, and a Chuck E. Cheese.

“We’re here to help the next generation say how can they stay here and have a good quality of life,” Snyder said. “We’re happy to consider all sorts of fabulous ideas about how we can help make all communities across Michigan better places to live, work, and play.”