Yep. I completely agree.
Nikki J. North

I’m glad I read your comments (and OP’s replies) before writing out a long impassioned defence of ping pong in the workplace! I was just recently introduced to a new workplace by such a tournament and the later rounds were dominated by women.

Women are now strongly represented among gamers too, and that’s a whole vitally important feminist movement in itself, long may it continue to make progress.

Maybe as UK person, I’m missing certain Valley-centric cultural significances of workplace drinks, ping pong, gaming, and “rockstars”. Alsoas a 90s teen all my favourite rockstars from that time are women (Kim Deal, Kristin Hersh, PJ Harvey, Luscious Jackson, Lush).

None of the examples I’m giving of women exhibiting these behaviours means that there isn’t a problem with sexism and sexual harassment – but that’s why they don’t seem to belong at the end of the article.

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