Top 10 Reasons I Love Rachel Maddow

I’ve never missed an airing of The Rachel Maddow Show. If I’m authority on one thing, this is it. Cutting way down to the top 10, here’s the list:

1. Civics Dorkiness — Being a civics dork myself, I love that there’s a civics dork with a Cable News show of her own. It’s completely obvious she loves what she’s doing — which is particularly evident during election season.

2. No Interruptions — I love how she doesn’t interrupt people. She asks her question and lets them answer. What a concept…

3. Bickering Free — I love how she doesn’t do the talking-heads-bickering-thing. I’m already on blood pressure medication — heaven forbid if I was forced to start eating right and exercising.

4. Anchor Worship — I love the way she gazes adoringly at Brian Williams when they are co-hosting election coverage. When they are in the two-shot, rather than looking into the camera and the TV audience, Rachel turns to gaze at Williams like a high school freshman admiring the star quarterback.

5. Catching Fish — I don’t know why, but I love that the favorite pastime of a woman who works in a Manhattan skyscraper is fishing. More than once she’s shown photos of herself with her catch (which she says are immediately released).

6. Staff Meetings — I love how she occasionally shows video from TRMS Staff meetings. It blows up the “fourth wall” revealing the platoon of people toiling away behind the scenes. Something tells me putting on a cable news show is not as easy as it looks.

7. Forth Amendment — I love how I have to turn away when she reports on reproductive rights stories. Rachel Maddow is one of the few TV news people doing stories about the chipping away at abortion rights by state governments. This is settled FOURTH AMENDMENT LAW, folks. I’m glad she’s doing these stories but it just makes my blood boil, so for the sake of my blood pressure, I have to look away until the story is done.

8. Eating Lunch — I love how she begs Republicans to come on her show. Very few dare because, first of all, she’s smarter than most of them so they’re always in danger of having their intellectual lunch eaten. Also the Republicans know they don’t have the issues or the facts on their side (climate change, gun laws, trickle-down, etc). She begs and pleads but very few are up to the challenge, even though the few Republicans who do come on the show are treated with cordiality and respect. They all saw what happened to Rand Paul a few years back and know it could happen to them. (Go look up how Rand Paul really stepped into it over the Civil Rights Act.)

9. Geeky Moments — I love how she does geeky stories about ships, planes and other hardware. Also stories about funny bits of hypocrisy. You know what I’m talking about.

10. Tent Pole — I love that Rachel is the legacy left behind by Keith Oberman — who basically put MSNBC on the map. Now he’s doing sports while Rachel has become the tent pole for the entire network.

I know many of you won’t be able to resist telling everyone why you hate Rachel. Go ahead, she can take it, but please go easy on me.

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Originally published at on March 12, 2016.

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