So, how would you define, the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to using a laundry services or doing it yourself? We all need to wear clothes and laundry never stops week to week. Won’t be be nice to not have to do laundry ever again?

The Bad:

You know that shoving clothes in a washer, and then hanging them out to dry when they are done is a chore most people would rather not do but seeing we must wear clothing, it is sort of a necessary evil. If you have kids, it could be a nightmare

The Ugly

Then there’s the folding and ironing…eww! Definitely the ugly part of laundering, don’t you think? This is the part of laundry most people hate — to avoid wrinkles and have your clothing look like you are not homeless, folding must be done and done properly. Ironing if you want the crisp look but to steam or not to steam; what is the best ironing setting for the fabric type?

The Good

But hold on a minute, maybe the good part could be if we were able to ship the whole thing off to someone else? Everyone is busy these days, rushing around, trying to find time to do the things that they have no time to do. Mom’s running around trying to get the kids to school, then she’s off to work. Does that sound familiar? These are just a couple of good reasons why you need Laundry Box!

Laundry Box was created with you in mind. Yes, our team of professionals actually love doing laundry! Crazy eh?

With our premier laundry service, we arrange a pick-up your dirty laundry, then deal with the bit in between, you know the part you don’t like, and then return it to you ready to wear.

Now what’s not to like about that?

Why Use Our Laundry Services?

Okay, so perhaps you might be thinking “But, that’s going to be expensive.”

It’s not! Our prices are very competitive and we can customize our services to suit your needs.

Here’s just a few things to keep in mind, if you’re still on the fence about using Laundry Box:

We free up time so you can do the things you want

With our expertise and dedicated team, you are in safe hands

Using us will give you the time you need to do other things

Laundry Box offer a pick-up and returns service

We use a wide variety of cleaning products to remove even the most stubborn of stains

We are proficient in dealing with many fabrics such as cotton and silk and everything in between.

You get value for money

You can customize our services to suit your needs.

Our prices are competitive

We think that you will find our laundry services a wise investment. And just think for a minute about all the hours you will have free to be able to do the things you love, rather than doing the mundane chore of laundry!

If you are still unsure, then just get in touch so we can put all your concerns to rest.

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