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The easiest way to get rid of colorism is to simply rid yourself of the one-drop rule mentality. The problem is that black people in the diaspora have no racial self-esteem whatsoever. No ethnic group around the world accepts “bi-racial” people as being one of their own, because that DEVALUES their ethnicity. But black people, especially black Americans have fallen for this nonsense. That’s why you guys have “light-skinned blacks” and so forth. It’s funny because some of your “light-skinned blacks” are actually LESS black (in terms of DNA) than “bi-racial” people, so in all honesty it doesn’t make one bit of sense.

Once you realize that your phenotype is an expression of your genetic heritage, you’ll exclude anyone & everyone who doesn’t look like their African counterparts from West/West-Central/Central/South-East Africa (That’s where Africans were captured and enslaved from) . Every race practices EXCLUSIVITY. It’s about time black people get with the program.

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