I am an Uber survivor.
Amy Vertino

App deleted. ‘Amy’ thank you. Thank you for sharing YOUR story. I’m thoroughly disturbed. I didn’t think another woman could go through something so similar to myself. I sit here scratching my head. Why the hell do companies keep protecting the vile creatures they call ‘leaders’? They don’t lead. They intimidate through fear mongering, blackmail, and chopping someone off at the knees.

Ladies (and some gents), please, please, please, for the sake of all that is holy and good; don’t stay. I recently saw a former colleague of mine go back to the same abusive shit hole we both left. We all have bills to pay, groceries to buy, some have spouses and babies to feed. I get it. Believe me, I get it. I also know it’s easier said than done, but please don’t sell yourself short.

I know a lot of young(er) folks are super duper excited to work for these tech shops, but if this is how they run their house, you may want to consider if your values, mission, vision, and goals align with theirs.

Do not sell yourself short. When you see the writing on the wall or they’ve told you to your face; time to bounce. No company, no job, and sure as hell no salary is worth what you, I, or anyone else has gone through.

Thank you again, sincerely, for shedding light on this company. I hope more people have the strength to write about their experiences as well. This helps people like myself make informed decisions about who I want to do business with, consider as an employer, and continues to shed light on an ongoing problem that appears to have no resolution in sight.

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