Nobody Wants Your Shitty Content
Paul Cantor

Fabulous post Paul. I would like to argue that yes, attention spans have always been lower from some than other. That books, movies, music, and the like need something catchy to engage the human or else the human will quickly drift off into the shiny mirage of something else. The argument is that thanks to technology and always having a little device in your pocket, said human is never alone. They are forever engaged jumping from one shiny thing to the next. Which leads content developers to keep upping the ante in order to keep humans engaged. Yes, I’m speaking about humans as if they were sheep because often, they are. We, as a collective need to stop keeping up with the fantasies that are portrayed all over media (take your pick). Again, put the phone down, the tablet, the (insert device, app, website here), and take a moment to notice what is around you. Maybe that movie isn’t so captivating in the first scene. I’ve sat through so many movies where it wasn’t until the last 20 minutes of the film that finally brought it full circle. What saddens me is that no one takes the time to see if what they are looking at is perhaps a diamond in the rough. It all goes back to instant gratification and media knows what. Grab the humans attention for as long as you can before they run off to the next thing. Human ADD. We are all over the place, thus often leaving people dazed, confused, bewildered, and wondering where the hell all of their time time went. Get off your phone, get out of head, and take a moment to find you without all of the distraction presented to you.

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