She posted online and immediately men everywhere told her to shut up
Matt Schlicht

I welcome anyone to speak to me about the foul and overt transgressions and blatant sexual harassment a woman in tech will experience. If you didn’t feel like an outsider before, you will when it starts to happen. We are often forced to try harder or our heads get pushed under water because we aren’t good enough, can’t rise to their occasion. The dehumanization and unfiltered biased can break ones soul. It makes you question your entire career. What’s worse is that, that foulness seeps outside of work and into your personal life. It’s a lonely road, that I can say for sure. As a woman in tech, I’m not saying this to dissuade any woman from entering the field. What I am saying is that you will be met with more opposition than ever before. Be prepared. Be ready. Steadfast. Hold your head up high and do your work. It’s not about showing the boys what you can and can’t do. It’s about proving it to yourself and letting the work you do speak volumes.

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