I’m not sure I understand what you’re upset about.

I’m by no means upset. I feel the restaurant should state their policy upfront. Don’t wait for the check to arrive to see their newly implemented policy. If they state it on their website or as you walk into their establishment, then you can decide to stay or not. So to answers your question, how it was presented.

You missed my point on tipping. Tipping is very rarely seen in Europe or other international locations. In fact, some places, tipping isn’t allowed (if you will). My dislike of tipping is that it’s subjective to the dollar amount on the bill. Everyone rounds up 10–20%. Servers are paid a low wage in hopes that tips make up their income. I find that to be unfair to the server, bartenders, host/hostess, those that bus the tables, etc…. Tips are pooled and then divvied up. If you’ve got someone who’s been busting hump to get good tips all night only to have that taken away and ‘shared’ amongst the rest, I feel that person is getting the shaft. The same would go for commission based worked. I dislike it. With commission, slightly different since their commissions are based on how much they sell, etc… For servers, it is not so individualistic. If you’ve been busting ass all day and night for your tips and someone in your crew is slacking, I don’t feel that’s fair. I hope that makes sense.

I’ve dated several in the restaurant industry and have had many friends wait table. It’s not easy work. In essence, what I’m trying to say is that everyone, regardless of the industry deservers a fair wage. How the heck we get there, I am not sure. However, since knowing people who’ve waited tables, tended the bars, etc… I’ve gotten a glimpse into an industry (food service) that isn’t very friendly to the employee.

I’d love to hear your thoughts. Perhaps I am missing something here.

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