The Best Advice Ever To A Teenage Daughter Who Needs To Make Money
James Altucher

James, Im typically inline with your writings. This time, I’m not and we are okay. Different thought processes.

Suggestion, try a different approach with your daughter. I’m getting tired of the rhetoric of coding and programming. The saturation for the market is approaching and quickly. Code is easily reused from one to another. Basic computing skills is wholly different than coding.

See what tickles her fancy. Let her take the job paying $8 an hour. Continue to hone solid skills and development in your daughter. But never force. She’ll resent you. I speak from experience.

I admire your daughter’s desires to work and be out in the work place. You did lay out other great skills she’ll attain one day. Let her go at her pace. She’ll be fine. Keep up the good work. Know your boundaries and your lane. Watch her grow and gently steer and guide.

She’ll get there. Not how you want. How she wants. Keep the doors of communication open.

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