Totally agree.
Kyle Benson


You seem to get it. It’s the first thing a ‘man’ is looking for. If you are the right type of hot for him, swipe and move along. I won’t put every single man in the same bucket, but for the most part men start their ads and profiles with overt and covert discussion of the sex they seek. Much of it is hidden in terms of passion, drive, open minded, and the like. They say they are seeking a LTR, but they really want FWB/NSA. I wish men knew that there is so much more to life, women, and relationship than sex. Sex is the bonus. It’s the cherry on top. It’s not the foundation for anything and if it is, it crumbles quickly.

As you pointed out, our porn driven, sex fueled culture is what has made sex and humans into objects for gratification. I’ve never found the harm in porn, but it appears that the envelope is being pushed further and further into oblivion. The boundaries no longer exist and anything goes for whoever is down.

Then there is the whole Dom/sub mentality. This one makes me want to run for the hills. I’m not a dog. I’m a woman, a human. I don’t want to be subservient to anyone. I don’t know of any man or woman that wants to run the ship or have the ship run for them. Are we back to being property? I ask this to all men who many read this; do you want a partner, wife, girlfriend, or do you want a human on a collar who will obey your every demand.

No, I won’t snapchat, kik, or whatever the hell is out there to share my body with you. If you don’t like a picture from the shoulders up, move along. In the end, it’s their loss. Not mine.

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