Little things men (unknowingly) do that make them more desirable to women
Tiffany Sun

Lovely post Tiffany. This goes for men and women alike. It’s really about being conscious, present, and paying attention to your loved one. This doesn’t have jack to do with gender roles, so gents, get it out of your head. This is simply about caring and being cared for. It is a two way street.

Truth of the matter is women do pay more attention to detail and when the little thing are noticed or taken care of, it’s greatly appreciated (at least I can speak for myself). The reason those details are so important is because when I’m with someone, I pay attention to those small details that may matter for them. Whatever the small detail may be, I can see that the other appreciates it.

Give and take. Love and be loved. Be present and help one another. Remove the gender stereo-typical crap and if a woman is so threatened by you wanting to protect her, time to let her go. Same goes for a man.

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