Tech, This is Good Bye.
Emelia Smith

Oh Emilia, I’m so sorry you’ve had to endure this. I’ve been in tech for 17 years and know how you feel (at least to a degree, I’m cis and your trans). It saddens me deeply that the world of technology will happily turn a blind eye to what is going on under their nose. It pain me to see solid talent turned away. The world then sits there and wonders why more women, LGBTQ, people of color, etc… won’t enter the world of IT. This is why. For fucks sake, you have qualified PEOPLE who can do the job or learn the job and do it well. But because someone has some fucking hang up on God knows what, they turn us away.

I hope you find an industry with a better fit. Get your wits about yourself and take the time to process what has happened. I’m hoping you find and do better. I know you can. I don’t blame you one bit for saying good bye. I have been on that brink many times.

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