I agree with what you say here.
Nicole Whalen

Oh, I’m vain. I make no bones about it. If anyone wants to alter their physical appearance, they should have the right to do so. It’s a personal choice. What I don’t like is when someone feels compelled to change because ‘society’ dictates that change. That if we don’t improve our appearance, the world is going to leave us behind. Where you are less of a person if you don’t look like X or Y. That’s not fair to anyone. If you want to let your hair go gray, that’s fine. If you want to let wrinkles set in, that’s fine. We all have the right to age as we see fit. Often time genetics makes that decision for us. However, we are all human and have the right to be treated just as kindly and as graciously as the next person, regardless of beauty, size, and age.

But I couldn’t agree more. As we age, we gain this wonderful wisdom and maturity. Truly, youth is wasted on the young. It’s as if we must go through life’s Olympic games in order to gain such qualities, but the exterior goes to hell in hand basket as you are trying to get there.

Still, acceptance is the only way. It’s not easy and I agree, I wish it could be on our terms. And to a degree, it can be (just not all of it).

To all of the lovely ladies on Medium who are worried sick of growing old (including myself), let’s age gracefully together. Let us use our words and voices to express and show we are still viable and vibrant who have a hell of a lot more to offer than our younger, more naive selves.

Love to you all.

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