What are people really working on in coffee shops?
Tom Mitchell

Okay folks, forgive the old lady as she chimes in. I know times have changed and in a bigly way. Love that stupid word from a stupid man thing.

As someone wrote, how do the coffee shops stay afloat? My main question is do these coffee shop vagabonds have jobs. The thing that pays the bills? I love being able to hang out in a coffee shop and being able to put my creative spin on new projects. However, Ive been working since the age of 15. Between school and work, at that age, has been my life. Ive not been afforded the luxury of hanging out in a coffee shop on a random weekday to write or create.

I’m not ragging on anyone. If you’re able to do this and still somehow make ends meet, more power to you. I may be 5–15 years younger than some of you. I just want to know the secret. Maybe I can pull something off at 40.

Show me the way young ones. Know this, I commend those on Medium and those in the coffee shop for following and executing on a dream or passion. If my lovelies on Medium didn’t write, you all wouldn’t have gotten me through 2016. For that, I thank you.

I’m asking for a smidgen of motivation and initiative.

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